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Changzhou LEMAR Drying Engineering Co., Ltd.
Add: Zhenglu Industrial Park, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Phone: +86-519-88966583
Fax: +86-519-88968686
Mobile: +86-13776830333


Our complete repertoire of manufacturing equipment includes 260 sets of processing machinery. We operate 2 CNC flame cutters to enhance efficiency and reduce raw material wastage. Also at our disposal are the folding machine, shearing machine, roll bending machine, ERW welding machine, and other types of heavy-duty industrial equipment. The metal processing workshop has been outfitted with a complete set of machine tools for purposes such as cutting, planing, milling, boring, and drilling. Each and every machine is complimented by an experienced operator for enhanced productivity.

As a professional manufacturer, we have access to readily available raw materials and a warehouse that is fully stocked with hardware accessories. These ample resources have bolstered our annual drying equipment output capacity to more than 1,000 sets.

Technological advancement has always been a top priority for LEMAR. Our professional development team consists of senior engineers, all of whom have had over 20 years of relevant industry experience. Their contributions have led to the successful acquisitions of numerous patents.(Subtitle: Closed loop fluid bed dryer, disc-shaped shovel blade for continuous dryers, closed loop spray drying and solvent recovery equipment, waste heat recovery heat exchanger, a type of belt dryer, a type of belt drying machine, duo-cone rotary vacuum drying and solvent recovery system)